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The Toddler Program is for ages 18 months-3 years.

  We are the only Toddler Montessori program in Harrisburg serving children 18 months-3 years old. 

This stage of life is characterized by tremendous physical and cognitive growth. Toddlers learn by exploring rich environments with their five senses and lots of active interaction with adults.

Toddlers also have a driving, inborn need to be independent. They are aware that they don't have the skills but they sure are willing to try. Maria Montessori said "No one can be free unless he is independent: therefore, the first, active manifestations of the child's individual liberty must be so guided that through this activity he may arrive at independence."

The Montessori Toddler classroom provides a safe, home-like environment for your child to learn to care for themselves and others and to become independent. The work is tailored to the child's natural development, and they do it joyfully.

  • Language development -- Each class is rich with materials that help your child grow their vocabulary and communication abilities. Plenty of one-on-one work with teachers offers constant opportunity for active conversation to build their verbal skills.

  • Gross motor development -- Children need to move, and the class welcomes and encourages this movement. Class materials, physical education, dancing, music, and free play all help your child grow stronger and more coordinated.

  • Fine motor development -- These skills involve small muscles in the fingers, hands, and wrists and support your child's ability to dress and feed themselves, write, and more. Class materials provide many opportunities to practice these movements in different, engaging ways.

  • Social and emotional development -- Your child will develop independence, self-control, and care of self and others under the patient guidance of the teachers. They are given freedom with clear limits to practice appropriate behaviors and learn how to be part of a community.

  • Cognition and learning -- Your child's daily experiences build the neural connections needed for a solid foundation for learning. The Montessori environment is designed to encourage the exploration and freedom your child needs to build these connections.

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